Quality Management

GOOD INGREDIENTS FOR GOOD PRODUCTS. Selection of the best raw material garnished with excellent experience and creativity of R K Profiles Pvt. Ltd. results in ingredients that are irreplaceable. Besides the importance of Shape, Surface and mechanical Characteristics it is important for the rubber gaskets to fit at critical joints and seal perfectly. These important factors are determined by the composition of the raw material. This composition makes sure the reliability of our Rubber Gaskets to fulfill their roll over a long period of time. Here once again R K Profiles Pvt. Ltd. offers an opportunity to choose the right Gasket according to its characteristics. Specialized know-how of our qualified staff, raw material used in time-proven formulation, accurately weighed to ensure absolute consistency throughout our product is the vital and Principle form of R K Profiles Pvt. Ltd.


Absolute meticulousness is of utmost importance in the manufacture of Rubber Gaskets. That is the reason why R K Profiles Pvt. Ltd. manufactures all its products with smallest possible tolerances. To think in terms of tenths of a millimeter is normal to us, although it is a very sensitive task with an elastic material like rubber. The smallest variations in temperature while extruding and vulcanizing of Rubber has an impact on the characteristics of the final product. Our skilled technicians are further trained for competence to precisely control the most modern production facilities, to ensure consistency in all our products.

We have a fully equipped Laboratories with all testing facilities available in house. We have a wide variety of testing equipment's like Rheometer, Tensile Tester, Digital Profile Projector, Gravity Balances, Muffle Furnace, Aging Ovens, Izod Impact Tester, Hardness Tester Shore A, Shore D, Compression set apparatus, Flock Adhesion Tester, Material Testing Chemical Laboratory, Ozone Test Chamber.