Edge Protectors

If driving in an automobile with rattling window frames get on your nerves than try U Type rubbers profiles from RK. These U Type rubbers can be used for providing perfect fit for glasses having thickness between 2mm to almost 10 mm. Also these U Type rubbers also act as Edge protectors which can be used to cover metallic edges to eliminate preparatory as well as follow up work.

U Type rubbers profiles are manufactured using best quality EPDM rubber which is known for its excellent properties like good compatibility with ketones, alkalis, fireproof hydraulic fluids etc. The other properties which makes EPDM best material for manufacturing U Type rubbers and Edge protectors is its resistance to immense heat, harsh climatic conditions, ozone, steam and also excellent resistance towards polar substances.

U Type rubbers acts like a good seal and are manufactured as per the exact specifications so that they excellent fix glass and window frames together. These U Type rubbers therefore not only helps in keeping out dirt and moisture but also helps in avoiding the rattling noise that is heard in moving vehicles due to improperly fixed glasses.

The U Type rubbers and Edge protectors are available in various sizes and colours. You can buy a ready to order edge protector or place an order for a custom made U Type rubbers Edge protectors by deciding its thickness. The added benefits of our Edge protectors are easy mounting with the using any contact adhesive and high durability. These Edge protectors are extensively being used in fork lift trucks, car sealants, cupboard doors and also providing the safety to the workers from sharp edges.

You can contact our sales team to place orders for U Type rubbers and Edge protectors.

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