Container Seals

Easy Transportation and Secure Storage of Your Goods Using Container seals
Cold storage and packaged food is becoming a billion dollar industry and hence there is a sudden surge in the demand of container seals that provides complete protection to the packaged items from all the nature’s elements. RK profiles manufacture container seals for both refrigerated as well as non refrigerated containers. Also, these container seals can be ordered with moulded or non moulded corners.

Our container seals are manufactured using high quality EPDM rubber known for its superior quality and excellent features. EPDM rubber is used for manufacturing container seals of varying shapes and sizes which could be seen by browsing through the catalogue of RK profiles. We believe in customer satisfaction and can manufacture container seals of accurate dimensions as ordered by our clients.

RK profiles offer container seals that offer multiple benefits like excellent resistance to heat, steam, moisture, cracking and corrosion. All these container seals have good stability against ozone and ultra violet rays and offers great flexibility at low temperatures.

Our container seals provide complete protection against leakages and also prevent the air, dust, moisture and water from entering into the container thereby helping in safe transportation as well as storage of goods. Also container seals made using EPDM rubber are rust proof which ensures that the product stored in the containers doesn’t get contaminated. Therefore the goods stored in the containers can be preserved for a longer time thanks to container seals offered by RK profiles.

To learn more about the container seals manufactured by RK profiles and to place your orders contact our sales team today.

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