Flocked Glass Run Channel

Smooth Sliding Windows – Thanks to Glass run channels with Flock
Do you often face the problem when you are trying to slide down the window or do you feel irritated looking at the scratch on your window glasses? Well, thanks to the glass run channels with flocks you can create a velvet smooth surface that ensures silky smooth gliding on the window panels.

Our glass run channels flocked profiles comes with cuts on entire length along with the slits and water drain holes thereby meeting all the requirements of a regular as well as customized window. These glass run channels flocked profiles are especially coated using nylon flock which helps sliding glasses as well as window panels to slide easily.

The window rubber flocked profiles offered by RK is suitable not just for fitting glasses but could even be used for attaching acrylic and Perspex in automobiles and boats. Also, when using these window rubber, flocked profiles it becomes very easy to replace any damaged glass. To order glass run channels flocked profiles it is essential to take the correct measurement of the glass as well as the panel thickness. Usually, a window rubber will seal about 1 mm of space. It is always advisable to use silicone sealant with the window rubber. Based on the gap between the window glass and panel, a large number of glass run channels flocked profiles are sold by RK. We can even prepared customized flocked profiles based on the specific demands of our customers.

Advantage of RK glass run channels flocked profiles and window rubber is excellent coating that provides a smooth finish to the surface. These glass run channels flocked profiles and window rubber are extremely durable and requires low maintenance.

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